Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Because who doesn't love pictures of food.

Quiche! I loveeeeee quiche.

At qui'l fait bon! It's a pretty famous tart place. We went to the one in Ginza!

A pancake place in Daikanyama!

La Maison tarts mmmmmm :q

Some cafe in Shibuya!

Just a regular Izakaya that we frequent, but the first time we had the custard cream fondue! *q*

More tarts :q This was at "Berry Cafe" in Ginza. They have other locations too!

A vegetable all you can eat buffet + one main dish place. I dunno, but it was reallllly good. And all you can eat veggies always makes me happy :q

Also, this was my hair. it was longgggg and brown (although most of this was extensions) and the underneath bits (eriashi) were blond and black. For some reason I thought it was a good idea to dye my hair like a retard and

This is the tragic outcome. Why the hell did I do this to myself. I always wonder this after dying my hair a dumb color, so I really should just stop doing it. I probably will though, age wise i'm sort of over it :v I just want to dye my hair brown with black bits. It's also really short now! If you know Sakito's look from the world/Alumina it's that length.

For Ruka's birthday we celebrated! He turned 33 this year so we had to celebrate! Also, it meant we could all hang out and have a tart :v we all love tarts as you can see.

My friend made these adorable lil packages with chiroru choclate (you can get them custom made packaging!) and she got them Ruka'd out! Adorable!

So that's that :v
I will try and be artistic or something one of these days, but i'm not very artistic in the slightest ... but I can try. sobbu.


It's been forever since I last updated since I really am too lazy for my own good. It's really annoying, actually; even though it's my own doing. Sigh. I wish I had motivation to do anything. Haha.

Anyways, I just wanted to talk about clothes and items that I plan on purchasing sometime in the future, assuming that I can find them and they don't sell out. 

Firstly, I need a new bag. Currently I use my Givenchy Nightingale bag.

Which looks like this ^^^^^^
I love it and all, but I would like a less fancy one that I can just throw shit in, because face it, that's what we all do.

Since I basically own only black (since i'm fat, and also I have no sense of fashion so I can never match things together) I thought i'd go for a colorful bag this time:

Clearly, this is not colorful. I was going to purchase this in red! It's a Jas M.B. small travelers bag. (Link)

Also, as a different shape, and because of it's relatively cheap-ish price, I was considering getting a bag (or two) by Mementism

These two, by a brand called "Mementism" 
The prices range, but these run about 12,000~20,000yen, which really isn't that bad in my opinion! (Especially compared to Givenchy sdfafafafiafdsafa cry)

As for other accessories, I am longing for shoes, and sandals. The current weather is dreadful though, and doesn't really scream "sandalllllsss!!!" yet, but I know it's coming, and I will kill myself wearing regular shoes in the heat.

These shoes by Harris Brown are quite popular right now - a bunch of different designers have taken on this same look.

Though personally, these damn ones have grown on me and I sort of want them. Sigh. The ones pictures above are slightly more, ... by about 4 times the price.
GIACOMORELLI for roughly 80,000yen.

As for bracelets and necklaces (since really, who can have enough?):

This is by Catherine Michiels. I actually have two of these type of bracelets, and two of the stone ones by her! I love them, and would love another one with three pendant? like things attached. The slight ethnic-ey-ness (...) of it makes me happy. 

The two above are both by Robert Wan
The "Cube" one I actually owned before (well, still do) but I broke it with my amazing skills of breaking literally anything I own for more than a year. Sigh. It's a rather cheap piece, though! Only around 5,000yen, while the one above (in red) I think is closer to 30,000yen. 

Lastly, by Tomasz Donocik. I currently only own a piercing, but I so very much want this bracelet to mix and match with other things! The second photo is a Trizn limited edition, I want this too but the amount that it costs kills me on the inside.

I guess for one entry that is enough. I'm sure there will be another one soon! If anything, it's more of a memo of stuff I want, and to remind myself of what to get once I get a new job. (Le sigh) 

Completely unrelated, Nightmare is having their Fanclub tour, and their tour with Baroque soon! (Just like old times! And well, I guess technically it's not really that soon...)

Anyways, the lives I plan to attent (though it's very iffy at the moment since I don't have a job, and once I get one i'm not sure what days i'll have off, etc...)

Nightmare VS. Baroque 
Natural Born Errors
2012.7.31(tue) Club Diamond Hall
2012.8.1(wed) Nanba Hatch
2012.8.4(sat) Hibiya Yagai Ongakudo

Nightmare FC 10Year Anniversary Tenka Gyakusou
2012.8.5(sun) Hibiya Yagai Ongakudo
2012.8.10(fri) Fukuoka DRUM Be-1
2012.8.12(sun) Hiroshima Namiki Junction
2012.8.15(wed) Nagoya ElectricLadyLand
2012.8.17(fri) Osaka BIG CAT
2012.8.20(mon) Sapporo KRAPS HALL
2012.8.22(wed) Sendai RENSA

The ones in bold I plan on going to, but the others i'm not sure yet! Hopefully I can make it to them all, especially since it's FC lives and FC lives are usually the best! 

Since they are playing Hibiya Yagai 2 days in a row (Yagai means outdoors, and if you've seen the place you'll see that it is very... outdoors), my friends and I plan on cosplaying Baroque on the day they play with Baroque, then Nightmare for the FC live! That way we can take pictures with our Nightmare friends and be Baroque x Nightmare! (We're all Baroque and Nightmare fans anyways so we like, cried when we heard they were playing together. All the feels)

So that's that :q


Plastic Tree's Kuchizuke was just recently released and it is amazing.
For those of you who aren't very Vkei, (although I don't think Plastic Tree is that Vkei, as far as Vkei goes...) 
But if you're more into... indie? I guess rock type of stuff, I just heard of this band and recommend them!

I think if you like bands like ONE OK ROCK, Rin tosite sigure and stuff you might enjoy it.

.... and lastly vocaloid-ey stuff because I love this song.

I need to clean my room, so someone please give me some motivation to stop being so fat and lazy. /forever slash wrists