Tuesday, April 3, 2012


Is finally here! Though it doesn't really feel like it here yet.
Hopefully it'll get warm soon!

It's been over a month, but 2012.03.02 was NIGHTMARE's 4th time at Nippon Budoukan!

The setlist was great and all, but I sort of wish they changed it up more for the Final..
It didn't really change that much from the rest of the tour, and since it was ~BUDOUKAN~ we were sort of expecting more... also they announced their upcoming tour the day before VIA TWITTER instead of at the live, which was a bit of a surprise, to say the least.
Maybe it was a mistake...

In the end it was really amazingly fun, don't get me wrong! Just didn't really feel like their usual FINAL!...s.

Also the weather sucked super hardcore balls.

Anyways, I mentioned it on my tumblr a bit but I re-made MiMiC since I actually had something to reference (SHOXX + Fools Mate).
I was lucky enough to re-buy the fabric for the top, which sold out the next day (there was only 1meter left after I bought it...)
Sadly, though... the dumb dot part had sold out and there was only the different color variations.

So I painted that mother fucker like the loser I am.

And did the same for the other tank top underneath. (Then layered lace on top of this)

I wasn't able to go to purikura with the newer version or anything, and the photo above is with the older version i made before fixing it...
Hopefully i'll be able to do it again sometime! And better fffftttttttttttt

This is the only photo I took after fixing it. lol

After Budoukan I've been to a few Nightmare events for MiMiC's release, and also Sakito's book release, and collaboration for GADGET GROW. (all of which is further down ↓there)
I didn't actually buy his collaboration items because I didn't personally like them, so instead I bought pants.
When I went up to buy them the staff person said "Sakito actually bought these himself he liked them so much!"


Anyways, So another live I went to was MORRIE (Dead End) with special guest KIYOHARU.
Not surprisingly, fan-boy-sakito was there as well, and was standing right in front of me when we entered the building.
I wasn't sure if it was okay to say anything since i'm pretty clearly a fan of Nightmare, so I just stayed quiet and went in without saying anything.

From NIGHTMARE. (aka: from Sakito)

I bought a t-shirt /fangirls too

A few days later was the MiMiC release event at LaQua (which for some reason my friend and I got into front row since the person in front of us let us go in front of her for some reason? anyways, it was just a talk but ... awkward. cry)

So, during the handshake, you can basically ask the member a question or say something, whatever. There's a few seconds to actually have a conversation...

You went up on the stage from the right side and moved down to the left. The order went in the order of height (aka: the member order lol)

(They had talked about JANKEN which is rock paper scissors to determine who won the members personal items.. blahblah. i lost so it doesnt matter. LOL)

Yomi thought janken was "rock, five, peace" so... it gave me something to mention to him during the handshake lol

Me: Oh, in english, janken is "rock paper scissors"
Yomi: ... wait wait say it again!!
Me: Rock.......... Paper....... Scissors!
Yomi: Rock paper scissors!! Okay i got it!
Me: :D

I told Hitsugi my friend said "yoroshiku" and Ni~ya was the same lol
During Sakito's turn...

Me: Sakito-san! I saw you at Morrie's event!!
Sakito: !?!?!?!? REALLY!? (like, eyes started to shimmer the second i mentioned ~MORRIE SAMA~)
Me: un! When you were lined up to go inside I was actually right behind you fdaifajdfarwaera
Sakito: What really omg!
Me: I wasn't sure if it was okay to say something... so i was like ehhhh....... and ended up not saying anything
Sakito: you should have said something! Next time say something!
Me: asiopdfojaeoifawehfa903u hweaifhd 9paoljfadfigoafa kay /die

Like, I try to explain this as when you first meet someone and find out they like the same band as you and you squeal, are super happy and are like omg omg omg omg!!! .............. basically that is the kind of reaction sakito had and it was adorable and loser-ish at the same time.

I sort of just flailed around at ruka as usual and endo laughed at me i love u endo

On a completely unrelated note the clothes i bought finally came in plus some other shit bc i have no control when it comes to shopping igss.

At a maid cafe in shibuya!

Udon :q

Ticket for Sakito's sign event for his book DONKOU IKU NO

Flowers for sakito!

During the ESP event, Ruka's signature is all squiggly and cute!

I have had this draft saved forever so im just going to publish it already jfc