Monday, January 2, 2012

nightmareish reality

Plans for this years tour:

1/13 (fri) - Misato-shi bunka kaikan dai hall
1/15 (sun) - Tochigi-ken shikaku bunka center main hall
1/19 (thu) - Chiba-ken bunka kaikan dai hall
1/21 (sat) - Shizuoka shimin bunka kaikan chu hall
1/27 (fri) - Olympus Hachiouji
1/29 (sun) - Maebashi shimin bunka kaikan dai hall
2/3 (fri) - Kyoto kaikan dai ni hall
2/4 (sat) - Green hall Sagami oono
*2/8 (wed) - Hiroshima Astel plaza dai hal
*2/10 (fri) - Fukuoka kokusai kaigiba main hall

2/17 (fri) - Aichi-ken geijyutsu gekijo dai hall
2/18 (sat) - kobe kokusai kaikan kokusai hall
2/23 (thu) - Zepp Sendai
*2/25 (sat) - Zepp Sapporo
3/2 (fri) - Nippon Budoukan

The three highlighted with stars next to them are the three i'm not sure of yet, but hopefully..!
The tour is technically a continuation of the one that just ended last year on the 30th in Osaka, so the next live is already in 10 days. I enjoy hall tours more than standing since standing around and waiting for the actual show to start is such a pain (... old..)

A week or so ago I won 3,000yen on the ZOZO trump event thing they had going on via twitter! If you don't know what zozo is, it's a website that has a bunch of different brands and stores that sell their things online. Sort of like amazon in a way, but more officially focused on fashion and the like. For example, you can purchase the above from stores that supply foreign bath and body goods like the body shop items. The body wash was really good and smells amazing! It also actually lasts with you for a while after using it, which I like. The blackhead wash i've only used once; it doesn't really feel like it's doing much, but then again, who knows. I've only used it once so it's still too early to say. I'm hoping it'll help me stop looking so bad LOL

I really just wanted to make a post so I could share this song I am currently obsessed with by GUMI called wrist cutter.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

as usual

Happy New Years!

I spent the 30th and 31st in Osaka with my friends to see a show, go to an aquariumey place and generally derp around. Not much to say, but have a few pictures!

Shin-Osaka station. I got there around 10AM on the 30th. It takes roughly 2.5~3hours by Shinkansen from Tokyo if you take Nozomi. There are a bunch of different Shinkansen trains, some that stop at more stations than others. During busy seasons, like now, it's hard to find cheap shinkansen tickets so I had to get them at regular price. Alas.

Before the live (NIGHTMARE) at Nanba Hatch, my friend and I stuffed our things into a locker and sat around at the cafe on the same floor as the entrance to the live house. I forgot what the place was called, but the chai tea was AMAZING. The strawberry parfait was delicious as well!

What I wore the day of the live minus the jacket.
After the live ended we headed off to an izakaya and drank and ate and returned to our hotel, exchanged late christmas gifts and just lazed around until falling asleep! The next day we had to wake up at 8am to get out by 10am so we could head off to the aquarium.

The aquarium is located in Osaka-ko and is pretty famous. There were way more foreign people there than Japanese people (or so it seemed!) probably since everyone was at home for the new years celebrations to commence that night. Lots of families were there but it wasn't as busy as it (probably) usually is.

I got to pet a little shark! There were manta rays and stuff too but I didn't get to pet that one. There was an entire section just for jelly fish so I was pretty excited.

After the aquarium we went off to eat some okonomiyaki as we were in Osaka, and drank from noon since we could LOL unfortunately we both ate too much, and my friend is sort of weak when it comes to alcohol so we ended up feeling sick from eating too much. Bleh.

We made out way back to Shin-Osaka and sat around in a cafe until my Shinkansen back to Tokyo, and my friend taking her train back to Fukui-ken. It was an awesome two days! And nice to see my friends who I only see when I head down to Kansai.

The next live i'll be at is in 12 days in Misato! (Kanto) Then a lot more stops before the tour final in March. Woooo~ I'm planning on making Sakito's outfit for Swallowtail for this next tour - i'm not sure if i'll make it in time as I need to badly lose some weight that I gained and grow out my hair before I color it since i'm still trying to fix it after having bleached it white, then purple!

This is the outfit! Ahhh look how skinny he is! My goal for the final is 42kg (92lbs) ... hopefully I can make it! I'll post pictures if it doesn't turn out so bad LOL

And as always, ending this with some music that i've been into lately.

GUMI Original - Seigi funsai (Justice breaker)