Monday, February 13, 2012


'allo 'allo.
Have been busy with work and following nightmare around during their tour but i thought i'd update a little (about pretty much nothing) anyways.

When in Shizuoka we went to a shrine and they had this gundam display! (I love gundam afdfadfafasfdas)

For this one tag thing on twitter? It was an "upload stuff you like/have" and all the people on my twitter (we are pretty close because of nightmare) and I were uploading out makeup pouches, favorite accessories, clothing, etc. These are a few of my favorite accessories at the moment. There a few things like a star bracelet, a gold necklace and a few other bracelets that aren't pictured... but I love accessories. (Even if they cost me my life.)

This is also in Shizuoka! One of the things Shizuoka is known for is their oden. It wasn't really my sort of oden though... sort of sweet. Regular tokyo oden is good for me. (Also Nagoya is famous for "miso oden" which i'm not too fond of because it's too sweet. But a few of you might like it!)
Depending on the area of Japan some foods, even if they are technically the same (like oden, or ramen for example) are completely different not only in taste but also in how strong or light the flavor is. Northerners are known for liking their food stronger in flavor (ie: my entire family aifashdfafa) as I suppose the lower region likes it less strong? I'm not sure about that last bit, but I do know that sweet oden is bleh >:(

My life. This was in Shizuoka the next day before leaving. We went to a regular chinese food place (I guess it's a chain rest. but its the first time i'd seen it!) and this was called "the worlds hottest tantanmen." I wouldn't classify it as the "hottest" maybe, but it was definitely hot. Once my lips actually cooled down I was able to eat the noodles no problem. I didn't eat the peppers though because... that's way too much. The photo above is after I had eaten all the noodles... ALL OF THEM. and there is still THAT MUCH of the "soup" left.

This is what it started out like. The only problem was that it ONLY tasted like peppers (which I guess I should have seen coming...) so it wasn't that amazing tasting. Everything else they had there was really good, so if I ever go to the place again i'll just order regular tantan men...

Omurice! Most of these photos are food, I know.

In Kyoto! Kyoto is known for a lot of different types of food but yuba (tofu skin) which is on the bottom left of the above picture, is pretty famous as an actual "food". This particular one is over rice and with a saucey/soup. We went to a few shrines (as they have like .... millions) and through gion in front of yakasa shrine (which we also went to).

Random photo of delicious parfait in an omurice place in Shibuya.

Annnnnd this tour I am currently wearing Sakito's most recent outfit from their newest single "mimic." The outfits aren't really shown yet so im not 100% sure if the entire thing is right, but most of it seems to be! Here is the tops (that I need to fix since they are meant to be asymmetrical ...)

That fabric for the layer? cost about 14,000yen a meter and I wanted to punch myself in the face. Instead I just cried while sewing the damn thing going "I hope this is right WAHHH" Other than the the necklaces were easy to make since I prefer making stuff like that rather than the actual outfits. All in all it took about 1/2 a day to make or less.

The leggings I made in about 30 minutes and want to re-make as I wasnt sure if they were right so they are REALLY badly made. REALLY. but atleast they hold up (for now)

Also I guess Sakito put red in his hair in the same area I accidently bleached too much and turned out red (for some odd reason?) but ... I guess that works out on my behalf...

Or something dumb like that.

Next is Nagoya this friday and Kobe on saturday! My friends and I are going together and a bunch of people already told me they'll be giving me valentines day chocolates wahhh im so excited.

And to end, here's some good music.
Plastic Tree's "jyoumyaku" to be released on 2/29 (I think?)